Marketing on social media in a genuine voice:
one that isn’t manufactured


Burger Media bridges the gap between you and your audience through visual communication to make you and your brand relatable, human.


We build custom-tailored personas and brand voices for your target market; helping you speak the same language as your customer on social platforms, so you can connect on a meaningful level. 


Our Services


combined with our large network of influencers, our services provide a full suite to support your social image specifically targeted to any elite market


photography & videography

Images and video are everything these days. Our professional and experienced photographers and videographers help us to carry out the vision of your brand voice and personality to the world.


paid media ad strategy

The internet is a big place. Our media strategy will help you reach the right eyes while efficiently utilizing paid ads to help make sure you are seen and heard.


digital community management

Your digital community is waiting for you to engage with them. The proper engagement takes strategic and consistent interaction; that's where we come in.

Grow Clientele & Portray Personality 


We help bring out Dr. Fan's caring and intelligent nature, by showcasing his work with a diverse group of people.



This specific post targeted masculine men, who don't always see themselves as wanting plastic surgery. The post went viral, which lead to a great new client base.

Tactic: Humanization

a powerful tool to help our client and his base connect on a deeper level

Content Creation & Engagement


We help bolster this doctor's already popular social life, and put his personality on stage, while maintaining a personable and 'in good taste' image.



Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 3.02.08 PM.png

Balance between interaction and posts with good taste

We engage with the audience using the same language as the youth on Instagram. We make sure to stay within taste, while still generating a lot of interaction and comments. 


We had a multi-faceted approach: here we shed light on the client's non-surgery related lifestyle. It showcases his social skills, charisma, and popularity within his local community, which makes him more approachable.